Strange memory Vram issue

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  • Have a strange memory leak or something (C0.99.97), my game went from 12.95mb Vram to 34.85mb Vram without that there are new images or anything changed exept code.

    Anyone know this isue and how to avoid it?

    Thanks in advance for any help

    edit: forgot to mention that my first start layout used only 0.9mb vram and was now 23.85 vram

  • Found out what was creating this bug , it have to do when you draw a icon or something with the image editor, replacing the image don't work, only deleting it. Everything is back to normal. (have done this hunderds of times and this is the first time I notice this)

    Most time to test I draw icons that I use as triggers for testing etc. but now I know this I wont do that anymore.

    Don't know either when you make a image smaller as 128x128 if that can cause a error, because standard the image editor is set at 128x128?

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  • Back again brbrbbr, it has nothing todo with the image editor BUT i had a WRAP effect on it and that cause so much more video memory (had it at 2 png's from 64x64), i'm glad it was that, save me a lot of work now.

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