Any way to stop text from blurring?

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  • I just went through all the trouble of making a special font out of Super Mario World, but when I use it in Construct, the edges are blurred. Now, normally that's a good thing, but in this case it's SUPPOSED to be all jagged and pixel-y.

    The only other alternative that I can see is making images out of every individual number and letter and trying to use them that way, which is pretty impractical and might be an unnecessary burden for the game during run-time.

    So, any way to turn off that auto-blur, or am I out of luck?

  • Set the text rendering mode in your application's runtime properties(click on the application in the project bar, runtime properties are on the right) to aliased. That should work for ya.

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  • Well, that definitely made it a lot LESS blurry... I can settle for this, though, if there isn't any way to further clear it up. I doubt anyone would notice unless they have their face up to the screen like me. Thanks for the quick reply!

  • Like I said in the first post, the only alternative that I can see is making an image of each number and use those to display time remaining, number of coins, score, etc. Considering how often those have to change, would that be too much of a burden on the game?

    And which would be less of a burden: having all numbers 0 through 9 on a spot and just toggling visibility to show the current number, or actively creating and destroying the images when they change?

  • I could be wrong, but wouldn't a the spritefont plugin be a practical solution?

  • It wouldn't be a burden, construct can create destroy and move literally thousands of sprites each frame without slowdown. The spritefont plugin was made for this. Unfortunately I no longer have the source code to check up on it. Initially some people were complaining of disappearing letters, but I think it may have been an issue with an older version of construct, because I've had several people tell me they use it all the time with no issues.

    Also, if you change the sample mode of the application from linear to point that will cut the antialiasing off the whole screen, which should cause both text and sprites to look less blurry, if you decide to use regular fonts

  • You can set the filtering on a per-layer basis via the layer's properties as well.

  • Thanks for the replies! I started looking into SpriteFont after reading about it in another topic, it's exactly what I needed.

  • Sometimes text/graphics go blurry for me if I use an odd-numbered display resolution like 1599 instead of 1600.

  • I use clear-type rendering for my text. But if you are looking for sprite-ish fonts, then you should use a font like System or use the sprite font plug-in.

  • Text can go blurry if it is in non-whole coordinates. Which pixels does it occupy when you put it at X 22.5 and Y 22.5? It should be less blurry if you use integer coordinates.

  • Here is a way to use the text and canvas objects to make big pixely text:

  • Lucid: Yea, I use the spritefont plugin a lot. It's a pity about the source but it seems to work well enough! (thanks)

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