Static score and life icons

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  • Howdy to you all,

    I'm new here and like to say hi to you all.

    I have two questions i didn't find a answers to these questions.

    I'm creating a platform with a moving sprite in the center of the screen, so all my layouts are scrolling with it, but now i have the score fly around my character (looks nice) but is not quit the way i would like to have it.

    So here are my Q's.

    How do i create a static place on my screen with the total score?

    And (but i guess thats almost the same) how to put like three of the same icons (sprite) so you can see how many attempts left?

    O yeah and a happy Christmas to you all...

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  • Set one layer on top, as HUD or something, and set the scroll X and Y rates to 0. At 0, they won't scroll no matter how far you move.

    Secondly, create a sprite image with the three icons, and then make an animation with two icons, and one...

    And that way, when you lose a life, you can set the animation to "2lifes" or something like that, or one life left when you have one...

    To wit:


    * * *

    * * -

    * - -

  • ok thx that will do great.

    Now you say so it makes quite some sense with the scrolling...

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