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  • i recently came to know about construct and i downloaded it....and followed the ghost shooter tutorial. This tool is great for makin games and i've some doubts about it--

    1)onstruct uses python scripting ....is python used for writing custom behaivours and events?

    2)so where should i start? i have some programming knowledge of C++ and actionScript...are there any tutorials on where to start scripting in construct?

    3)After i finished the ghost shooter tutorials i tried a breakout style game, i created a ball sprite and assigned it the ball behavior but how to change the direction of initial speed? whenever i run the game the ball runs off the screen in the right, changing the angle doesn't seem to help.....

    4) and ummm.....why is deadeye so pissed off about the real life pics thread ?? i can't resist myself posting my pic in that thread

    and yeah..i'm new here but i've been visting this forum for few weeks now atleast twice daily

    my introduction is here-


    (just to certify that i'm not a spambot

  • Construct does use python but its broken right now and no you dont need to know how to script. to use construct.

    Eventing is the way to do things in construct. Python is the only thing to really to script in and as I said its broken. C++ is what you use to make custom behaviors and such. There are a few plugin devs(myself included) working on a google code project for SVN hosting so if you don start using the SDK for C++ let us know and you can get on the SVN so you have some version control.

    Check out the event editor and read through the wiki it should show you events and things like that.

    The real life picture thread had some things going on with it and people posting other people's pictures. As long as you post your own pic your fine.

  • thanks for the help......but when construct will be fixed?

    i'll better stay away from C++, and use python when it will be fixed

  • You dont use python to make games you use events. Look at the tutorials. Python is only meant to augment the event system. No need for python to work construct is fine without it.

  • well...sorry for late reply and for getting a bit irritative but this is my last question-

    you said the python is used for EVENTS and but what about behaviors? you said that custom behaviors can be created using C++ but is there any others way to make behaviors? because i'm not so good with C++, i'm just a beginnner hope you understand what i want to say

  • Anything is possible as long as you put time and effort into it. Behaviours just mean you don't have to code events by yourself. When you need a behaviour that is not available or aren't satisfied with existing, you can always create your own behaviour with Construct events - as long as you now the ropes.

    So, really, it just takes time to learn and you'll figure it out. Events are basically code in graphical view.

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  • thanx for the reply i guess for now i should try something from the built in features until i'm comfortable with it, going to try platform school tutorials...again thanks

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