Stars project need help!

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  • Hello

    i need a bit help on the project i'm doing.

    I'm not very good in programming (not at all in fact)

    but imanaged to do begin the game a bit

    the game have no title screen or logo yet (not sure howto include those stuff)

    anyway , the programm will be construct classic finally

    I post the .cap here , if someone enough cool would help me to fix me those bugs i generated.

    All i want is a solid interaction between my heroine and the platforms

    I set the game with jumping with up arrow, i dont want to change that (at least for the default commands), why?

    because my game is not very platformer , most reflexion

    So before you ask angry

    yes i read as much platformer i can and try to understand the most i could.

    I tried to read a lot of thread here too.

    the game if you manage to pick the cap file, is not finished at all, it's very wip, the heroine could be finished tough.

    I'm looking for setting agood interaction between her and the platforms in order to create the concept of the game

    so here we go


    the cap file

    for more infos

    the game will be a concept game wich a lot of stages

    i plan 30/40 stages with scrolling or no.

    also the background is nearly inexistant or will be re-used

    It's more about thinking than admiring beautiful stuff

    I still dont know if i'll be able to put object to collect, i'd like but the score stuff seems a bit complex, also the score online and all of those stuff.

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  • Edit

    i'm finishing the superspeed animation

    The heroine will have it since the beginning

    so i guess , i can "code" it easily .

    For the particule, i forgtoto remove it,dont mind.

    also i tried to put a reboot button of the .exe/render but never found out .

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