Sprites turn into white boxes

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  • Strange graphics glitch I'm experiencing. I was play-testing a game I'm making, when all of a sudden sprites began to turn into blank white boxes. It was apparently affecting all active objects, and strangely it was affecting them intermittently, that is, some objects turned white for good, while others turned white for a number of frames and then reverted to normal sprites. Background objects and "static" objects whose animations were done playing didn't seem to be affected. Anyone know what might be happening? I can post screenshots if anyone's unsure what I'm talking about.

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  • instead of screenshots i would rather post cap file. such thing can be a result of varios things wagging from your graphics card, DirectX being messed up, event errors, effects glitching ect.

  • Okay, for some reason now I can't recreate the problem... Maybe my computer was just tired yesterday night. I'll post the .cap if the problem persists, for now it seems to have resolved itself.

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