Sprites can pass through other 1px wide sprites?

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  • I am trying to remake a game with a left and right playfield where there is a 1 pixel wide dividing wall that occasionally moves position. When the wall is set to 2 pixels wide the player sprites (using gridmovement) cannot pass through them but when set to 1 pixel wide they do pass. Is this related to a collision mask bug I have been reading about?

    If gridmovement supported a halt movement I could workaround this issue. Other wise I could have a seperate, invisible and wider walls for each side, but I would need help grouping:

    left player+its wall to only collide

    right player+its wall to only collide


    <img src="http://i45.tinypic.com/34fl3ti.gif">

    10 points if you can guess the game

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  • It's not a bug, the Grid movement with "player controlled" checks if the sprite can move in a particular direction by checking if the sprite overlaps any solid at it's destination. If no collision is detected the sprite will move without checking the in between positions for collisions.

    I whipped up an example on how to overcome the problem using the "Manual" mode of the grid movement and checking 1 pixel away before movement:


    req 0.99.84

  • Wow. Thanks very much.

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