How can the sprite move objects?

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  • Hi!

    Please, tell me how to make that one object in a collision with another moves it?

    When I set condition "Collision with another object" and action "Move at angle", object "jumps" over some pixels.. But I want to move an object smoothly, i.e. main sprite walks, collides with the box and begin to move it. When sprite stops, then the box stops.


  • Hmm, you could use "is overlapping" condition and move the object while it is overlapped. If the box seems to jump, be sure to use a TimeDelta multiplier; it will move a tiny fraction each frame then.


    +Player is overlapping Box

    Set Player speed to half

    Move box at player's speed into player's angle

    That would make the player character move slowly when overlapping the box while moving the box. When you stop, the box is moved just enough to stop overlapping and then stops.

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  • If you're trying to make realistic collisions, go for the Physics behavior. Otherwise, you could try something like giving the other object a Bullet movement, and start the movement when it collides.

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