Sprite flips upside down on startup?

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  • Alright, so i'm rather new here, only been using the program for a few days now. What happens is I create a sprite and place it on the layout, and when I press run, as in the run the game, the sprite now becomes flipped upside down. The only thing that I put on it was Platform movement, but that doesn't seem to be the problem because it does the same thing without that behavior. Any help?

  • if you are using the platform behavior then make sure that the mirror and flip is ticked

  • Now, this is a story all about how

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    Actually, what is the starting angle? 0, or 90?

  • if you are using the platform behavior then make sure that the mirror and flip is ticked

    It is, and even if I don't use the platform behavior I still get the same problem. I've tried recreating the sprite about 3 different times and the same thing keeps happening. It appears normal and upright on the layout but when I run it, it gets flipped.

    And the starting angle is at 0. Whats interesting is if I change it to 180, the sprite is upside down on the layout but starts out right side up. This would be OK, but it screws with movement animation...

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  • Post a cap I guess.

  • Ok, here is the cap.


    Hope that helps..

  • Its your angles in the animation editor.

    With the platform movement there's not much need to change the sprites angles.

    Since its side view, not top down the sprite doesn't need to rotate.

    Just add frames to the sprite, ticking auto flip etc should take care of most of it.

  • Wow, that fixed the problem. Thanks so much!

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