How to use sprite distortion?

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  • I'm trying to make something like a rope, but I can't get it to work.

    What I want is almost exactly what drasa did is this example:

    ...except with fewer columns, because stuff like ropes don't need that many. Each attempt I make doesn't get anywhere. Also, if I set the distort map size on a sprite with different amounts of columns and rows (like 3 columns and 1 row) then the sprite gets mangled even without doing anything else.

  • i believe that uses quadratic functions? theres an article somewhere on the forums

  • Does this example help?

  • I'll try make a working example now that Dave has posted an example how to use the distortions... I had already done it if I wasn't so busy, the university is really stressing me

  • I looked at the example, but it doesn't help much.

    Drasa, no sweat - uni's obviously more important! No hurry either, I really appreciate that you're going to make it at all!

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  • Heres something i put together. Also I think your right, somewhere in the code i must have mixed up columns and rows...i'll look into it

  • Just a quick question regarding sprite distortion.

    I've noticed that getting up around 5000 rows/columns (in total) causes Construct to crash.

    For example, 22 objects 16x16 (5632 total) will cause construct to crash, similarly, 82 objects 8x8 (5488 total) will also cause it to crash.

    I guess my question would be, is it intended for that to be the case? Or should we be expecting a higher amount in future?

    I ask this question because I've been working on an engine to support perspective-correct textured polygons (currently 100% working, sans a Z Buffer). The problem is, each poly currently uses 8x8 (less causes notable distortion in the textures), which means a total of 81 objects before Construct crashes, which is sadly going to be nowhere near enough even for N64 or Playstation 1 era graphics (which is all I'm really aiming for).

    EDIT: To clarify, I mainly wish to know if this "cap" of sorts, of 5000 rows/columns, is intended, or if it is a bug. That way, depending on your response, I can either halt my progress, or continue under the assumption that it will be fixed at a later date. Cheers.

  • no cap intended, its a bug...dunno why its happenning but its a bug and it will be fixed or i'm not australian!

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