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  • Okay, a somewhat simple idea continues to mock me. I've searched the forums, I've searched the wiki, I've hunted through all my example cabs. See, it's over in the corner, still mocking. Anyhoo, I'm trying to find a way to make a simple custom cursor for my game instead of the standard Windows mouse cursor. Yet, the closest I've found in my search is this thread:

    it mentions plugins. I can handle plugins. Plugins make my life easier . . . unless they haven't been made yet. Has anyone found a way (simple or complex) of putting a custom cursor over the windows mouse cursor in a Construct game? Surely there's a way to do this and I'm just being a silly noob.

    (see, it's still over there mocking me . . .)

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  • Draw a cursor sprite, give it Mouse behavior, and hide the regular cursor at the start of the layout.

  • Hm.

    So out of the following options:

    -Construct can't do this yet

    -Construct can do this, but you have to use the source

    -I'm a total noob

    . . . it's 'I'm a total noob' for the win!

    thanks for setting me straight deadeye (loot: elite forum posting +10). Now to de-noobify my mouse cursor...

  • If you need an example, look up "physics for the layman" in the tutorials section. It has an example of how this is done.

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