Spreading bullets around - possible in Construct 2 now?

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  • Hi, I have tried playing around with Construct 2 a bit. I have never touched Construct 1 though, and I am aware that Construct 2 is still under beta development.

    So the thing is this, right now, I want this simple thing written in the pseudo code below but I am not sure whether it is possible yet:

    //a bomb explodes and spreads bullets in all directions.
    for (int i = 0; i < 360; i += 10){
        GameObject *createdObject_ID = createObject(bullet, thisObject->getX(), thisObject->getY());
        createdObject_ID->setDirection( i );
        createdObject_ID->setSpeed( 3 );
    So is it possible in Construct 2 now or not? Am I missing something? What should I look for in the event sheet?
  • Yes it is possible, and then events will look practically the same as your pseudo code. How far were you able to get?

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  • Well, I was looking around for a drag and drop object for "loop" or the like, but I'm a complete newbie in here, and I am not sure which goes where yet. In other words, I don't know how do you do this? I got all the source code in my head, but not sure how to pull it off exactly in Construct 2.

  • When adding events the "for" loop is under System.

    Here is a capx:


  • Thanks for the code, R0J0hound. That clears up lots of things. At first, I thought there can only be one condition.

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