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  • Hi there, this is my first post on the Scirra forums and I have just started using Construct. I made a shooter based on the Ghost Shooter demo that comes with the download and I am having loads of trouble with crashes.

    They all seem to happen either when things spawn. It's literally anything that spawns; from bullets from the Player's gun, the muzzle flare that is associated with it, the NPC's guns going off, just the spawning NPCs or when they die and the NPC's body spawns.

    I'd be able to give more specific information if I knew what sort of thing could be causing the crash. Anyway I'm just looking for someone to ask a few questions and maybe give me a hand cause I'm at a loss and I need this to be ready soon.



  • It would be really helpful if you posted a .cap. Crashes are usually fiddly things, and it's pretty hard to tell whats happening under the hood from a distance.

  • Maybe it's not the spawning and in fact the per-pixel collision? Right now if two per-pixel collision objects collide I get all sorts of crashes.

  • Maybe it's not the spawning and in fact the per-pixel collision? Right now if two per-pixel collision objects collide I get all sorts of crashes.

    That doesn't happen with me konjak. What version are you using? I know there's a really bad collision bug in .99 + versions which makes per pixel unreliable on large objects and occasionally causes crashes. But, do you get crashes very often?

    And AJT, spawning objects should never crash the game... Care to post a cap?

  • Oh, I get them so much I make sure to never have two per-pixel collide ever!

    So far I haven't needed that. I assume this is like the topmost bug to fix for Scirra? I have the latest stable 0.99 version.

  • Oh, I get them so much I make sure to never have two per-pixel collide ever!

    Whoa, I geuss it's worse than I thought for some people. It should not be doing that, maybe it's a plugin that's causing that kind of behavior. Is it only in a specific large project, or does such crashing even happen in a fresh .cap?

    I assume this is like the topmost bug to fix for Scirra?

    I've tried to tell them that it is... but either they're very busy with other things, or my topics and bug reports about it keep getting ignored/not noticed.

  • I have two projects where it happens. One has pixel art that is doubled to 2x natively (not the window, but rather all sprites), and the other has HD graphics. I think I'm just unlucky with it?

  • I tried to post the .cap but I got an error message that said that the max size of a file posted under the "Uploads" forum was 256 KiB and the file size is 1MB. Any way around that?

    Anyway I ran the Debug feature like 100 more times and each time I traced the action that caused the crash to something spawning. Again it was anything from enemy reinforcements, to muzzle flares, bullets etc.

    I don't have two-pixel collide (to my knowledge, I didn't see any setting for it though. Like I said... I am quite the noob )

    I'm also having trouble getting the walk animation to play when the player is walking and stop when the player stops.

    Aaand I decided to scratch the mini-map because I couldn't figure out how to have the enemies appear on it; that's not so important to me though. The walk animation and the crashing are definitely more important.

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  • Upload the .cap on a file sharing site like or, and then post the link. I don't really know what's happening in your .cap right now.

  • Yeah I really don't know what's going on either. I was really hoping this would be fairly easy... but as always it seems to be fairly complex.

    I posted the .cap on, this is the link:

    Thank you all very much for your time and your help

  • Honestly I have no idea why it's crashing. I was thinking it might be the line of sight behavior, but I removed it from 2 objects and it still crashed. Your coding is pretty sloppy however, and you did do a lot of things messily, such as making your bullets solid to recoil the character, and spawning a new enemy object just to change the animation when they die. I didn't go over your events one at a time and check everything, but I can't help but think that the crash is caused by some obscure little detail like I mentioned. Then again it might be the collision bug acting up since you used 99.42, but i'm fairly sure it's being caused by a bugged event.

  • Is the LOS behavior actually DOING anything? Cause I put it in there in hopes that it would make the enemies start shooting at you when they saw you but I didn't really see an option to make that work. Personally I think removing it seems like the most economical thing to do.

    So THAT's why the guy recoils... I hated that! I didn't even see that the bullets were solid! Thanks! As for the other sloppiness, yeah I expected as much. The code didn't look efficient or elegant so I figured it probably wasn't all that smart. I'll try to streamline things a bit next time I get a chance to really work and see if that might help the bug.

    Collision bug? See this is the problem when you're new, there's no way to know about these things beforehand. I assume 99.42 is the latest version and they just haven't fixed the bug yet? Regardless, when I run the debugger it seems to tell me that it crashes more when things spawn then when things collide.

    Bugged event? It tends to be various random events that cause the crashes rather than any one given event. Although that might just mean they're all bugged but I really hope not.


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