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  • So, I followed some of the Platformer Tutorial, and I'm trying to do a "Doomba" effect with a permanent spawn point and have them fall off cliffs. So I had set my enemy sloth sprite as containers with a sloth hit box. The spawn point spawns a hit box, which I think should automatically spawn the sprite? But that didn't happen. After that, I tried to manually spawn the sprite, and force position to the hit box, but then the animations started to freak out, overlap, and then freeze... Here's a look at my game (it's in a very very beta form, haha)

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  • I guess you missed the part about Containers...

    If you want your sloth and your sloth's collision box to be "together" like in my tutorial, you need to add the collision box object to the sloth's container, and you haven't done that.

    I suggest you read up about Containers on the wiki: ... Containers

    With that in mind, go over the part about how the Doomba is made again and you'll see how it works. If you have any more questions after that then feel free to ask.

  • Grah! I'm stupid... The one I had uploaded, I took out the containers cause I kinda wanted to show the animations freaking out. But in the original, with the containers, I stupidly didn't have "set SlothEnemy position to slothBox", so that's why the SlothEnemy sprites weren't appearing... It's always the simple things...

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