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  • Well, I download construct classic back in the past and just play a little bit on it, But now planning to do my very first game on it.

    What I am planning is something very similar to space taxi from the commodore.

    Although I don't know where to start, what tutorials could I use that help me on this matter?

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  • I have been experimenting a little. Putting things easier, and more specific. I think I just need the behavior to get that kind of movement and I can experiment by myself after that.

  • Well, I have worked on it and so far I'm going pretty good, although there is something which doesn't makes too much sense.

    I have custom movement.

    If up is pressed, move up

    if right " ", " right

    if left " ", " left

    when up release it goes down.

    Have my collisions, my speed meter, and some other stuff, but was working with the fuel. I wanted that when the keys were pressed and the car wasn't parked the fuel went down, and it works, but not the why I would like. I made this event

    If up key pressed OR left key OR right key: KeyPressed variable would be Yes.

    Else: It would be No

    At first it didn't looked like it worked, so I made a text that tell me whether it was on Yes or No, and what happen is, that is whether the speed toward the direction that it takes and not if the key is pressed, if the car is going just down the KeyPressed is No, but if the car is going to the right despite of not having the right key pressed, the variable is Yes. Why does this happen?

    Also about the way the fuel drops, it does it just perfect.

    Here is the example:

  • I don't want to make a personal diary on this topic, the thing is that I am on schedule participating on an event so don't giving out my doubts, questions and problems is wasting the opportunity of having the chance of getting feedback that could really help me, but neither I want to force someone into help me, I do understand everyone has things to do. I still dealing with the problem of the last post but since I didn't want to stuck just on that I also start to working on other thing of the project, but now I have two dead ends and I just can't get to the solution. And I have a little fear of not finishing before the deadline a demo. So watching that there are many views of this topic and not a single post kind of makes me discourage me.

    As well the second problem seems a problem of the program itself.

    I have an animation of the taxi spinning, to the right and to the left.

    When the taxi speed goes -30x and the taxi is facing the right(variable=0) it sets the animation of spinning to the left, [Sub event]and when the animation is over it sets the taxi facing left animation and puts variable, taxi facing=left(variable=1).

    So when the taxi goes 30x and variable 1, it happens the opposite.

    I made text showing the taxi facing variable and the variable does change, but the animation only happens once and the variable change as well, the second time the event not even start, the speed could be 50x and taxi doesn't spin and neither the variable changes back, so I added 2 keys that could change the variable a=0 s=1. and when I change them with the keys it works, even when the variable is already 1, if I press s the event works. But of course I don't want the player to handle the animation since that would be pointless.

    So why do the event can't run unless I set the variables manually?

    I'm really out of ideas

  • well sorry for being a noob, I already find the solution, I hope I can make it without having to ask again. as for the solution, I am still a little confuse of I how it works, but I just passed the events into different event sheet and called them in the layout and it works perfectly (I did it cause sooner or later I was planning on doing that). I though event sheet was the same thing and its only use was to save space, have everything more organized and work faster, didn't though it actually was important the inside-game develop.

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