Space Game: Custom Ships

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  • Its been a while since I last came here, and Construct has had a lot of updates since then. I'm wondering if its feasible to make a game in construct where one can attach parts to each other to create spaceships? Thinking either like Astro Battles, or maybe simpler, like in SEV. I remember working with RTS stuff used to be rather hard, and am wondering if this concept is possible to make in construct, or using construct's python extensions.

    Thanks for any feedback.

    Edit:Thinking something like Battleships Forever, but more internalized. IE, place parts inside a hull, and hits on the hull will destroy parts, blow holes in it, etc. The hull deformation wouldn't even need to be real or anything, just graphical.

  • yea, it's very possible. Construct essentially has it's own powerful programming language (the event sheet), so python is unnecessary (not to mention broken). I know for a fact this is possible, because I've currently got two games where this is a feature. Get comfortable with events and this isn't too hard to accomplish.

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  • Thanks for the reply.

    How quickly does it work? I'm looking at say, resizeable parts, and scaled ships. IE, if you made a carrier, it would actually be big enough to hold all its fighters. I'm just wondering if it maintains good performance with a large number of parts?

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