Sounds, how?

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  • I can't get anything else but "Play music from file." produce any kind of sound!

    Could someone please provide step-by-step guide on how to make , for example, a cannon make a sound from file cannon.wav when it shoots?

    Cause I've tried everything.

    Setting volumes high.

    Using all the autoplay and play thingies.

    Channels, directional sounds etc.

    How do I get it to work.

    I'm really getting bored of this, help would be awesome!

  • Put a PCM .wav file in the same directory as your game, then "Autoplay file" with the filename should make it play. For example, upon any key pressed, autoplay play "myfile.wav".

  • Alright, working now.

    Although it only worked after I converted it to PCM 16-bit mono, are there other variations of PCM which work?

  • Any PCM format should work.

  • excuse me... but...

    what is pcm??

    thank you.

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  • PCM is an old-fashion (well, in computer years) way of saying Microsoft WAV format.

  • PCM, without going in to the details, is essentially uncompressed audio. The ".wav" file extension unfortunately covers a lot of different compressed formats of sound (even MP3 files can be stored as .wav files), and only the uncompressed ones (PCM) can be played by Directsound.

    Windows Sound Recorder can tell you what format a sound is - open a sound and go file/properties - it should say something like:

    Audio Format: PCM 22.050KHz, 16 Bit, Mono

    It says "PCM" there so you're safe. If it doesn't, you can simply choose file/save as, choose a PCM format, and save a version Directsound can play.

  • Thank you Ashley!

    now is clear for me, but i convert the file in "Windows sound recording" and there's no option to save as pcm file i save it like .wav, but there`s the same problem with audio...

    Anyway i will search another converter or change the sound files.

    thanks for all your help!

  • Go File -> Save As, and at the bottom, there's a button that says 'Change' next to the Format. Click it and select 'PCM' as the format, and try to match the same bits per sample/frequency as the original file.

  • that's it!!

    thanks a lot and sorry for my questions but i am a mac user and i have Pc only for construct for now, i am learning slowly about the windows system too.

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