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  • How do i add a sound file in my game? & let it play continually?

    My current sound file is 29 mb big; will construct take such big file?

    (Sorry if i ask many questions) There is so many i still need to know

  • Right click to insert the Audio2 obj into your layout.At the bottom right hand corner there's a tab called project ,Go to the files folder and right click on it.Add the music or sound file to that folder.

    Events sheet

    Go to system , Start of layout , Autoplay resource.The file you inserted into the files folder earlier should be there.Now if the game starts the music should start automatically.For music files use mp3,for Sound files use wav sounds.

  • Hi,

    I'm currently having trouble with Xaudio : a simple problem : NO SOUND

    I tried everything :

    • wav, ogg, mp3
    • autoplay file (AppPath & "mysound.wav" with my .wav next to my .cap)
    • autoplay ressource (after putting my sounds in "files")
    • Xaudio as a global object
    • and I checked if the event that is supposed to trigger the sound works : and it does

    I use Construct v0.99.97. I could post a *.cap but it would be useless, I told you everything .

    By the way, I did turn on my speakers

  • Try file again using the actual path. Not apppath

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  • I have always used

    XAudio2: Autoplay file AppPath & "sounds\ambient.ogg"

    (when my sound files are in a folder called 'sounds')

    This works 100%.

    so you could use -

    Autoplay file AppPath & "mysound.wav"

    Also I noticed that your example uses brackets. I dont think you need them.

    good luck

  • I tried with a subfolder sounds, it didn't work, then with full path "E:\...\sounds\sound.wav" it didn't work either.

    I will save a zip containing my cap and my wav on Dropbox.


  • ShadF : Is your wav file in the correct format?.22.5Khz 16bit stereo or mono.Remember the wav file should be PCM and not ADPCM.

    <img src="">

    This is an example of a PCM wav file.Right click on the wav file and select properties then go to the summary tab to see its properties.

  • As i suspected,Your .wav file is actually an mp3 file.Convert it to a proper wav file and it should work.

  • My sounds are .wav from .mp3, I could not check whether my wav is the correct format or not, so I converted the .mp3 again with the right settings in the convertion software and... IT WORKED

    Thank you !!!!!

    [EDIT] I'm late, you have already found it !

  • No problem Shadf.

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