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  • Hi everybody,

    A couple of weeks ago I have known about Construct anf immediately started to create a game.

    I know many things still, but incoming questions are much much numerous...

    So they are

    1. My Main hero (MH) and the enemy MH are composite objects - both uses about 50 sprites (guns) that are positioned at the main sprite and heritage its behaviour (RTS) and angle. Such MHs I plan in the game 300. I have created just 2 of them and my computer simply died. It is not a problem of pictures and their resolution, that are linked to any MH sprite (1*1) it is a problem (as I understand) of the sprites quantity.

    Is it curable? May be I need to use LOS instead of pictures, that overlaps each other?

    2. If I eliminate the sprites and attach to the MH the LOS behaviours (50 of them) instead. Some my guns have Angle Range only 90 degrees. But the axis of that Angle Range may be any.

    Whether the LOS behaviour has an axis angle?

    MH Example

  • I'm sensing some Google Translate usage here... I can't really tell what you're asking in either question. <img src="smileys/smiley5.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • Not a bit. Though I am Russian.

    I wish you speak Russian as I English.)

    Have a glance at the picture. I have got a problem to post it. May be it would be a bit clear.

  • The image link seems to be broken.

  • All 50 gun spites that are linked to MH sprite have sectors. And are destroyed not all at once but one by one. I tried to make it with sprites it slowed down the system.

    Now I think that I can eliminate them. And to use LOS instead. But I need 3 conditions for the LOS in my case. For the Range - it is OK. For the Angle Range is OK. But the LOS is to start at Angle Range let say 100 and to finish at the AR 127 degrees. How to appoint that third parametr?

    And if I use for the MH 50 LOSs - wouldn't the System be slowed down as it is with sprites?

  • Are you using a WebGl based browser? Did you enable WebGl? What are your system specs? Which browser are yo using, and what version is it?

    Remember that all of these things will matter.

    HTML5 is still in it's infant stages, and having loads of objects (especially if they are high resolution, and NOT power of 2 in size...) will cause poor performance on anything less than a spectacular computer rig.

    More information is required.

    I looked at your image... looks like a cool circly thing. Not sure again, what I am looking at or what it is supposed to represent.

    With more information, perhaps a better and more precise answer can be given.


  • Yeah, I got the same feeling: I'm not sure I can help because I couldn't understand your game concept.

    Also, from the screenshots you've sent, plus talking about "RTS behavior", leads me to think you are using Construct Classic, is this correct? If so, you should go to the appropriate forum, if your problem is indeed performance you won't get any help from here - things are way too different :P

  • If we speek about WebGl - I did not know where it's control is.

    I use Construct R2 original settings. That slowing down starts with the game preview.

    Intel(R) Core (TM)2 Duo CPU T5750, 2GHz, 2GB OM

    This image - the gun arcs of fire. If the enemy MH is in within - the gun "shoots". If not - not. The gun may be destroyed by enemy gun. LOS can be pretty used instead, but it would not be such evident and effective as it is with sprites. The only problem - LOS Angle Range let say 45 degrees. I want it axis to be let say at 11 o'clock

    I tried to reduce images. To 100 px or less. Has not helped.

  • Oops,

    Construct 2 Classic,

    I would like to ask the moderator to move the topic to the appropriate forum...

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  • Can you post your .cap?

    Also, how many objects are using the RTS behavior? All 50 from Hero + 50 from Enemy? This could be the problem: Pathfinding 100 objects may be very intense!

  • Here it is

    Only 1 has RTS behahaviour. Others are linked over.

    It seems that I have found the troubleshot - this is in formulas - I used 3 levels sqrt functions 1 of the gun rate, 1 of the hit probability, 1 of the aim choice possibility. The third in the second and the both in the first. And all for each gun. I need to make something more simple.

    In that cap they are removed - and everythig works perfectly.

  • Here is one more question

    I have let's say 4 sprites. I want them to keep the distance that is defined originally from each other and to follow srictly the way of the leader. Is it possible to model in construct?

    In that my take inspite of the same speed they cut angles when the leader is turning and are grouping.

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