How to something like map editor.

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  • Hi, i want to do RPG game and it's going to looks like "Tibia", maybe u know this game.... But i want to create my own game and i need something like script or something like that. I have rly much problems with creating my map because in program when u puted ur graphic in editor u are geting like that <---------> and u can change u weight and i don't want to do it but i don't want to click ctrl+v - left mouse and moving graphic to the good position. I want something like that.

    One click + move mouse and u'r getting like this. + little tool are brushers, can i do options like that in my Construct???

  • Construct was not specifically designed with this sort of grid editing in mind. You may best be served by a program better suited for this.

    That's not to say it is impossible in Construct - you'd just be coding most of it by hand whereas another 2d RPG-specific program will already have the editor, arrays and algorithms ready for you to work with.

    Construct, in its current state, can achieve a similar effect much easier and with more flexibility if you use "layers" instead of "tiles." Using tiled background and sprite objects, you can layer entire set pieces to create your world. For instance, instead of having 20 tiles that comprise a house, you would create each house as its own sprite and place it on your canvas. It's an entirely different way of thinking, but if you don't mind trying something new you'll be surprised at the results.

    If what you're going for is a classic-style RPG look and feel though, it will take you quite some time to get it running in Construct. We'll help you if you choose to do this, but don't say we didn't tell you it'd be a long process.

  • To do this sort of thing you'll need a good grasp of Arrays and Loops (far better than the grasp I had when I made Worldlike - the loops I used in that are really too slow to work in the way I intended them, and I have pretty much stopped work on it - however the basis is there, in a way)

    You could easily simply use Save/Load Array and create some way of editing the Array outside of it, however loading and saving the array using a loop allows a much smaller filesize (32x32x64 Array saved via Save Array action outputs a 722kb file, whereas the same array saved using a loop that writes [value],[value],[value], etc. only gives a 54kb file) but takes several seconds. Writing the Worldlike area array using the loop took a full 15 seconds on my machine. Probably because I used While and a variable rather than a proper loop action.

    Anyway, while Construct isn't designed for this it certainly is possible.

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  • There's vague plans for a plugin that can to tile-based 'painting' of levels directly in the layout editor, but I don't know if it'll make 1.0.

  • Sweet deal, Ashley! That would be great, especially if you paint clones of objects grid-independent.

  • there is a very powerfull "array paste" for objects allready ?

    although i dont understand the diffference between "instance" and "duplicate" in the "array paste",

    they seem to do the same

    I'd wish clones would copy behaviours though, taking a behaviour of a clone is easyer,

    then adding the behaviours to a clone with the same arguements as the base object.

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