SOLVED Xbox360 Controller - Thumbstick Sensitivity

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  • Hey guys,

    If I remember right there are two Controller Plugins for Construct?

    The last time I checked, there was no way to check for how far a Thumbstick has been pressed (or rather tilted) into a +-X/+-Y direction, the same for the shoulder triggers.

    Did I miss something now, or back then?

    I know Game Maker has it's xInput plugin made by someone from the community, where You had full control over everything.

    Thanks in advance!


    I just found an old post about it, the values for the Thumbsticks and Triggers are accessible in an expression (left_thumb_x) and (left_thumb_y) etc. with a value scale of -1 to 1 respectively for the Thumbsticks and a scale of 0 to 1 for the Triggers.

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