[SOLVED] Returning to previous layout does not work

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  • Okay, so I have a rather serious issue. I have two layouts, a game layout and a 'you died' layout. When the character dies, it goes to the second layout. Then, upon pressing Z, it's supposed to return to the first layout, but it simply won't. (I have tried with other events, in case it's just a problem with mouse/keyboard, but no luck)

    I haven't reported it to the tracker yet, in case I'm just doing something really stupid. This is the full game cap, but it's pretty tiny. I have attempted to reproduce it but it only seems to happen in this cap. I haven't included music.ogg so there's no music. It also places the character close to the right so you can easily see the issue- jump off a ledge or let the boss kill you and you'll see the problem. (arrows, Z) I have tried all combinations of 'next layout' 'previous layout' and 'go to layout'- restarting the first layout simply doesn't work. Can't really continue the game like this, need some help! Using the latest version.


    EDIT: Nevermind, Shviller in #construct fixed it by changing the player object to non-global. Thanks Shviller!

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