[SOLVED] Pick spawned sprite

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  • hello people, i'm new here :D i'm experimenting with this great tool, but i'm stuck :( my problem is pretty basic, but i can't find the solution, even after reading some tutorials (although they were for Construct 2). I don't know how to pick a sprite I just created. I read that in Construct 2, spawned sprites can be used in any sub-event or events in the same level, but in Construct Classic I don't know how it works :s I did this:

    For each Player:

          Player 'SpriteID' equal to 0: Player - Spawn Object Sprite5

                                        Player - Set 'SpriteID' to Sprite5.UID


          Sprite5 Unique ID is

          Player.Value('SpriteID'):      Sprite5 - Set XY to player.XY

    it spawns one Sprite5 for every Player in layout, but one of them keeps spawning Sprite5's every tick. Also, Sprite5's spawned through the editor dissapear, so i guess that it's affecting every Sprite5, not only the spawned ones

    What i want to do is to spawn one Sprite5 for every Player, then set Player.SpriteID = Sprite5.UID, and move all the Sprite5 to the corresponding Player in every tick.

    i'm probably doing everything wrong :P can you help me?

    sorry for my bad english

  • when objects are in a container they don't need to be spawned, just spawning the 1 object that the other is linked too will create the seconded object.

    further more, since the objects are in a container, construct already assumes you want that object whenever the first object is in the event.

    so to fix:

    you only need 1 event,

    #3: always set sprite 5 x.y. to player x.y.

    that's it...

    delete the rest. (except 1 & 2 )

    and don't worry about creating a sprite 5 for each player in the editor, it automatically dose that for you.

  • I just noticed that both sprites were already in a container, that's why it wasn't working XD that method with containers works well in this case, but is not very practical when you have 2 or more sprites to spawn. Anyway, if I don't put them in a container, it correctly picks the last spawned sprite. In fact, the container was the problem. Thank you for the help :D

    also, I uploaded the wrong cap file D:

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  • "I uploaded the wrong cap file D:"

    ha nice :)


    if your going the rout of manual picking, the key is for each loops,if you hit a road block,just keep playing around with those.

    and when your trying to find a object with the uid as a value, make sure you use:

    ( the object with the value of the UID)= picker

    ( the object that the UID belongs to)= object

    for each picker:

          -object UID = picker value ,UID'

    if you do it the other way:

    For each object

         -picker value 'UID' = object UID

    It won't work unless you also For each the pickers

    and that's 2X as slow to process.


    Some other methods that are useful. In particular for picking the same kind of object as the one doing the picking:


    Using functions:

    add the .x and .y of an object as a parameter

    call a function forgetting objects

    on function:

    set other objects value 'target x' and 'target y' to parameter .x and .y


    Using arrays:

    set each object value 'AX' and 'AY' to a unique position in an array.

    and do all your comparisons based of the array positions, not the objects themselves.


    like i said, these are only really necessary for picking the same object. i know that's not what your doing right now, but it think everybody at some point gets headaches over this problem.

  • This is what i did:

    <img src="http://www.freeimagehosting.net/newuploads/ztlua.jpg" border="0" />

    Not the most efficient way, but it works :P I have a bit of experience in other game making programs, like GM, but seems that construct does a lot of work for you, and sometimes simple things become confusing. But I like that I can make basic games really fast, so I'll keep experimenting :B

    The arrays method seems a bit more complicated, because I have to keep track of the array positions. I'll take a look later...

    Thank you again Bartosh :)

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