[Solved!] Global Variable number question

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  • Hello,

    I've another question! I use a global variable to show your highscore, but the score got many decimals. After some searching, I found out that you can remove that with round(global('Score Level 1')). What I want is two numbers after the comma, (2.34 seconds) and not (2 seconds). How can I achieve that?

    Thank you!


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  • From the wiki:

    FormatDecimal(number, N)

    Returns a string with number given to N decimal places, eg. FormatDecimal(5.7777, 2) gives 5.78

    So it would be FormatDecimal(global('Score Level 1'), 2)

  • Oh, great! It's working perfect. Thanks.

  • Just for the record (and for the curious):

    You can also always create your own decimal places. But you need pv's or globals for the interim results to avoid rounding errors.

    number n = 23.452612

    you want three decimal places

    1) int/round/ceil/floor(n*1000); store the result in a variable v. [v = 23452 or 23453, depending on your rounding choice]

    2) result = v / 1000 [result = 23.452 or 23.453, depending on your rounding choice]

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