[Solved] Fighting game with Bones behaviour

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  • Hi everyone !

    It's my first post on this forum so I would like to thanks the developers of Construct first for this awesome program ! Thank you so much !

    So, here is my problem :

    I would like to make a fighting game (in super smash bros style) and to make the animations easiers I would like to use the "Bones" behaviour.

    Here is my question, how can I re-use the bone behaviour of one "skeleton" with another character.

    I am not sure I'm clear : I create a skeleton (with bones) and I would like use it again for aniother character, how can I manage to do that ?

    Thanks in advance

    (ps: sorry if i've made spelling errors I'm french !)

  • First, welcome to the forums and your English is fine!

    You can't really re-use animations with the bone behavior. You can get around it though by importing every character graphic into the same skeleton and changing the sprites at runtime. So you have your character's sprites: body, arms, legs, etc, all set up with the bone behavior. On the animation tab for each body part, make a new animation for each character you have, name it appropriately and import that character's graphic. Lastly, use a private variable that contains the name of the character you want to use. Then just switch all of the sprite animations for each body part to that private variable.

    That's a quick overview of how I do it. Hope it makes sense!

  • Thanks a lot for your answer UberLou !

    However, I'm not sure to understand...

    So you have one skeleton and inside it, 2 differents head for exemple.

    How the fact of changing a variable can change my skin ?

    What if you want to spawn multiple characters ?

    Thanks in advance ! (again )

  • Yup, you have one skeleton with multiple heads, arms etc.

    It's better explained with an example:

    http://www.louisferina.com/games/characters_bone.cap (version 99.84)

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  • Thank you so much for your example !

    I totaly get it !

  • I cant get the bones to work because it says im missing the file, but i look and i have it? Does anyone else have this problem?

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