[Solved] Editing Collision Masks in 0.99.62

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  • Solution Edit:

    Solution is to upgrade to 0.99.82 or higher, the bug has been fixed.

    I have read up on the forums and seen videos that show 2 new ways to edit collision masks... yet neither is working for me.

    Method #1:

    1) Select sprite.

    2) Go to Animator tab

    3) Right click, launch explorer.

    4) I am taken to C:\Program Files (x86)\Scirra\Construct\Images

    5) There is only a blank "stub.txt" here.

    Method #2:

    1) Open picture editor.

    2) Click Collision Mask button.

    3) ... and nothing happens.

    Is the current build broken in these areas or have I setup something wrong? I'm an IT engineer so feel free to get technical if I need to fix something...

  • When you're in the picture editor and you click the collision mask button, it may look like nothing has happened, but that's because your collision mask is the same as your image.

    If you look closely, you'll see a red border around the draw area when you have the collision mask button toggled on.

    When this is on, you can edit the mask, click it again to toggle off so you can edit the image, etc.

    Give it a try.

    Edit the mask and then toggle the button on and off to see the difference.


  • I have read that... and am looking closely. The button is doing nothing.

    Even as a test I have opened the picture editor, clicked the Collision Mask button, erased the top portion of the image, then clicked it again... nope. It deletes that actual image itself

  • edit: Thought I had it figured out. Running as Administrator in Windows 7 gets files to appear in Launch Explorer mode, but it is still very quirky. Will fully test and get back with you...

    Still would like to figure out why the picture editor method isn't working though.

  • Ok, so I believe I see what could fix this... as this should be an issue for anyone running Vista and Windows 7. Is there any way to get the "Launch Explorer" function to open a path inside the current user's My Documents? This would fix all permissions issues.

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  • Just in case you're wondering, the "Copy collision mask to each frame" feature is currently broken. I have a bug report filed on that one.

    You can still manually edit the collision mask of each frame though.

  • I can't understand why the Picture Editor mask button isn't working for you.

    Here's an example of it working.

    This is the image displayed in the editor:

    <img src="http://img62.imageshack.us/img62/3875/18850755.jpg">

    And this is the image displayed in the mask editor after I'd erased parts of it for comparison's sake (notice the red line around the display area):

    <img src="http://img519.imageshack.us/img519/4774/73317056.jpg">

    Clicking the mask button toggles between the 2 displays.

    I'm using 99.82, so maybe it was broken in 99.62?


  • Yes, I've now downloaded .99.82 and it works fine in that, however it was broken in .99.62. Note that 99.62 is the current "official download" that newbies like myself are acquiring

    As the issue is fixed in the newer (albeit unstable) version, I'll mark this thread "[Solved]" and post a link to the .99.82 download thread.

  • Yes, I've now downloaded .99.82 and it works fine in that, however it was broken in .99.62. Note that 99.62 is the current "official download" that newbies like myself are acquiring

    Yes, this has been causing some problems lately. It used to be that the devs would keep the newest build in the Discussion forum for about a week to see if there were any major problems with it before releasing it to the front page. Now I believe they want the next official release to be 1.0, so that's why they're holding off.

    Personally I think it would be a good idea to put up any newer version as long as it's more stable than the last, so as to cut down on confusion.

  • I'm just glad that you guys are all patient with me (and people like me). I've been dreaming of a program like Construct for a long time... and it comes along right as I'm starting to learn Python. I'm so excited about the future of this application and will do everything I can to support it!

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