(Solved) Collision Mask Vanishing Problem

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  • I've been trying to use the built in Platform Engine and it was working fine until I added animations and found out about setting collision masks. I found a video on Youtube to make one mask and share with all the frames of all the animations.

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    I followed the video and upon sharing the masks, all of return to being blank. I've set each frame individually and it worked until I closed Construct and opened it to work on later.

    I can't even start trying to design levels or anything since I fall straight through the ground on start up. I don't know if it's just my computer, me, or the file itself.

    My cap file

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  • If you change or add the following settings, the player will not fall through the floor -

    1, mario - collision set to bounding box.

    2, Floor sprites - attributes solid and platform.

    Should work now.

  • 1. [s:3dimu5xu]How do I set the collision to bounding box?[/s:3dimu5xu] Never mind did that. It sometimes bugs out after landing though, like it can't decide between falling and standing. Any thoughts on fixing this?

    Edit: I found out how it mostly happens. At the start, I don't know why. While playing if you move while jumping, but stop before falling back down, it'll happen almost every time.

    Would it be better to just have a collider sprite with all the movements and just have the Mario sprite always follow its direction, angle, and animations?

    2. And the floors are set to solid of platform. Do they need to be both?

  • You only need to set floors as solid.

    Platform is for platforms you want to jump down from.

    Go to your image editor for your sprites in Construct. One of the boxes at the top of the editor should say something like "Collision Mask". Click on it. A red box should show up around the box of the sprite. This is where you put in your collision mask- MAKE SURE IT'S CENTERED TO WHERE YOU WANT IT RELATIVE TO YOUR SPRITE.

    Before this feature was implemented, it WAS a better idea to have a sprite with all the movements, and another sprite with all the animations (a la the Platformer School); however, doing it this way saves you a lot of VRAM and memory. That video you watched is out of date as well.

  • I did that as I said in the first post. I did a collision mask for every frame of animation. Once I closed and reopened to mess with later, all the collision masks were cleared for Mario.

    I've even gone through and done it after changing the collision and they still vanished once I restarted Construct.

  • Just a bump to say I found out why my animations were freaking out. My hotspots weren't lined up correctly, making Construct not know if I was falling or landing. Having collision set to bounding box was the only thing I needed to do. Thanks, chrisbrobs for telling me about that.

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