[SOLVED] Clicking on transparent objects

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  • Okay guys, I need some help. Fast.

    I'm building a tilemap editor and everything has been gravy so far.

    But randomly I noticed that I couldn't (in my half-finished editor) click on tiles that were already blank, despite the Sprite that I wanted to interact with still being there.

    Turns out from some spading with partially and totally transparent objects, I learned that (using the MouseKeyboard plugin) you can't click on a totally transparent object (or even an object with a current animation frame that is transparent, or even a small transparent corner of a sprite).

    This is extremely troubling, as it basically grinds everything to a halt.

    I could redraw the tile maps to have a mildly transparent rear layer that would allow clicking but that would screw up my plan of having multiple overlaid layers that can all be viewed at once, as the rear layers would get progressively harder to see behind layers of partial transparency.

    Any ideas?

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  • Use bounding box collisions instead.

  • Magnifique.

    Thank you.

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