[SOLVED] breathing sound looping - stoping

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  • i have a looping sound. Character is breathing fastly while running.

    I want it to play while the character is moving but can`t stop looping.

    + (platform object) is walking

    ++ is on the ground

    +++ trigger once xaudio : autoplay resource "filename.wav" loop

    when i stop the character, and start to walk again it starts another sound in another channel. I couln`t find enough help on channel topics to stop the sound.

    so any help is appreciated.

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  • ok solved. for other people having this issue :

    • at the start of layout add an action as :

    Xaudio2: Load resource "yourfile.wav" to channel 1 (loop)

    check if your object is moving or create a variable to control if it is moving in an event and add action :

    XAudio2: Play channel 1

    to stop the sound check if it has stopped and add an action as

    XAudio2 : Stop Channel 1

    Now it is time for me to create 30 ish channels for each sound i am going to use. Pretty (not) straight forward.

    I can autoplay it though. But still too much work for looping sounds and effects.

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