Soccer (Football) game selection & setting menu's

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  • I've made a simple soccer game with physics and pretty good AI and it works well... but that was the easy part, lol. However, I need to make some selection menus (without drop-downs or collision-based events). I've done menu's in Construct like the ones in the tutorial example thread many times before, but I want to do something a little different than those and I haven't been able to find an example that fits what I'm trying to do.

    I could very easily put each selection on its own screen and just send it all to separate global variables and it would work fine, but I really want to keep the number of layouts slim.

    I want to make 2 types of menus:

    1. This first one is common to most video games. I'm trying to make each setting field move independently of each other. So for example, if I pick 1:00pm for my time of day, I'd be able to press the down arrow and pick Snow (or something else) for my weather and cycling through my weather choices wouldn't make my time of day choices cycle at the same time like it's erroneously doing in my .cap (see .cap below).

    Then from there I'd be able to press down again and select my Game time (game time would be based on minutes like 1 minute, 5 minutes, 10 minutes, etc.), then press enter and go to the soccer field.

    What my basic problem with #1 is: I can't seem to move up and down between settings fields and make only one field cycle at a time. Right now when I cycle through, all of my fields cycle at the same time.

    My .cap:

    2. The second menu is common too. It's a 2-sided team selection screen. Like this: <img src="" border="0" />

    I want to have 4 teams that can be selected, with both sides being able to select only 1 of the 4 available teams. So on the right you'd be able to cycle through all 4 teams available and pick a team, press enter to select that team. Then on the left you'd be able to cycle through all 4 teams available, pick a team, press enter and then of course you'd go to the next layout.

    Any would be greatly appreciated :)

  • You already know how to left/right. It's same for up/down. And you only have to add a control like, if weather choosen, than if pressed left or right do smth. If time choosen, than if pressed left or right do smth. Thats all.


  • Thanks Spider_hip!

    Your example showed me my misstep perfectly. I kept thinking I needed a deactivation of one of the variables rather than just having counter conditions inside the group like you showed. I'm not sure why I thought it needed to be different from the other group, I guess I was over-thinking things.

    I'm going to post the events of #1 for sharing soon, and I just figured out #2 as well and will post those events too.

    Thanks again!

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  • MrMiller can you reupload the link?

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