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  • I just made another app runtime...I know I know...its a game development tool...

    And I had this idea since python is starting to come into focus again, that I could use an external library to skin the UI. I figure I could use a graphic library to set a picture where ever I needed it. Any idea about what that lib or module should be?

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  • Drawing different graphics on top of the Construct window is a interesting idea, but I haven't the time yet to try it.

    The libraries that come to mind:

    1. Pygame

    2. Pyglet

    3. PyQT

    4. wxPython

    5. pygtk

    As you can see you have lots of options. I have successfully used Pygame, Pyglet, and PyGTK with Construct. PyQT has some quirks to export it correctly. I haven't tried the others.

  • Thanks, I believe I'll try Pyglet just because it states theres no other dependencies to get and I =think= I already know what I need to do from looking at the online reference.

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