Small saving problem when closing caps/construct

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  • I'm pretty sure I've submitted this one on sourceforge a couple of builds ago, perhaps I didn't word it well enough since I haven't seen it fixed ever since I've got construct.

    I don't know if you know about it at all or if it's a local problem on my own PC, but here are some instructions on how to reproduce it for the viewers at home:

    1 - Open up a saved cap (preferably one you don't mind altering or something)

    2 - Make a few changes here and there WITHOUT SAVING

    3 - Close the cap file without closing construct, the file should just close without asking if you want to save

    4 - Close construct

    Now, upon closing construct, you should get the message asking if you want to save that you SHOULD have seen at step 3. This message appears for however many caps you've had open during the session and closed without saving beforehand.

    As I said before, I don't know if this is a problem with my machine but I can't reproduce it in any other application and I have lost quite a lot of progress on some of my older projects due to this bug.

    Sorry to be a pain

  • Hi,

    Could you tell me how exactly you close the .cap file? The correct way is right clicking on the project bar and using 'Close Project'. If you're doing this, let me know and i'll take a further look.


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  • Actually yeah I thought about that after I made the post, the way I close the caps is like how i close any other project in any other application that supports multiple windows of different files, and that is that I just click on the little X under the X that closes construct, the open project's X so to speak

    Upon closer inspection after looking at the project bar I feel a lot more like an idiot since it's still there once I press the X

    This is deliberate correct?

  • That would be the problem .

    Closing an MDI window merely closes that editor; it will still be open for editing via the Project Bar.

  • Man that one plauged me for ages

    How silly of me

    Thanks Rich!

  • turdhats closing the layout/events editor should close the project?

    unless there are other things in the project that could be done without requiring the editor open, in which case i'm curious as to what those things would be.

  • As an application can have multiple layout/event sheets open for editing, closing one doesn't mean that others won't be edited. In addition, the resources, properties etc for applications and layouts can be edited without editors, and things like global variables and families/containers edited.

  • But isn't the problem that it still doesn't ask you to save if you close the program?

  • It does ask you to save, just at a different time than I expected.

    But after poking around with this close project bizzo I stumbled a across a bug.

    If you close the project from the project tab, the contents of the other tabs (with the exception of the animator tab i think) remain as they were when the game was open. Upon clicking on the items remaining in any of these tabs, construct crashes to the desktop.

    I have added it on sourceforge

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