Slowdown because of total objects?

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  • Hi, sorry to be asking multiple questions, but I've been running into some slowdown issues as my game continues to run. I'm not sure if because I'm creating more sprites (every 100ms) than are being destroyed that is slowly bringing the FPS down, or if it's because of collision checks of PV checks or what. It could be because of effects as well, I'm not sure.

    I also have been trying to solve a glitch where if you die then it gives you the choice to abort or retry, but if you press any of the keys/buttons while you're playing the game, it seems to remember that you pressed that key and automatically chooses that associated option at the on-death menu.

    Lastly, I've set it to where the A key or the Left Trigger on the 360 controller causes the time scale to temporarily drop, but I'm wondering how holding the S key or the Right Trigger will cause everything to accelerate to a faster max speed while the key/trigger is being held, and then decelerate back once it's released.

    Here's the cap:

    If anyone has and solutions for these I would greatly appreciate the help

  • in the death menu you could use a global variable or internal variable to set to 1 only when u die and the dialog ''death'' box would only be used after variable was 1..

    like if you die->death variable=1

    and if you retry in the deathmenu->death variable=0

  • Not sure about the first two but here's how you can acheve the last thing:

    always>set time scale to 1

    on button S down>set time scale to 2

  • There is a steady increase of total objects. I couldn't find any events to destroy or reposition all the objects you are creating. I set the 4 main objects to destroy when they leave the left side of the screen and that maintained the total objects. Also, so you can check, total objects is displayed at the top right of the debug window when on system.

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  • Thank you very much for the help. That seemed to get things under control. I just added the object cave2, however, and as soon as I set the events to it it's causing the program to immediately close. I don't even know if it has to do with that sprite but I can't find what would be causing it. Any ideas?

    Solved: Nvm. Event #24 had an "OR" condition that Construct didn't like I guess. I'm not sure how the engine defines the events like "OR" and "While"

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