ski jump measurement

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  • hi everybody!

    (hi doctor nick!)

    so anyway

    im making a small minigame of ski jump with a physics object, and i cant seem to figure out how to measure the lenght of the like it so i have a visible number showing how long the jump is, i just cant seem to figure it out

    how would i measure length from the tip of the jump to the moment my character hits to the ground?

    and also, how to make a visible measurement?

    i would post a cap,but its kinda private,cuz im making it for my friend, so im not too comfortable showing it.

    but i hope someone wiser than me could help a little,

    thanks in advance

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  • Here you go.

    Player has platform movement but should work the same for you ski jump thingy.

  • just what i needed! i knew it was something to do with the text object,but couldnt figure out the right way. thanks for helping, really appreciated.

    now if only i could work out those physics hinges stealing all my fps and im set lol.


    well now that i think of it, can anyone give any insight for those hinges? why is it that when you have say, 5 physics objects hinged together,the fps slowly but steadily degrades to a crawl,but when the hinges break, fps goes through the roof? in toher words the fps becomes normal,as it should be. ive been trying to figure this out by myself for a while now,but dont really know whats causing it.

    or is it just the way it is? meaning, hinges are bad mkay?

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