Skew settings for sprite (solved)

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  • How do the Skew settings work for sprites?

    Iv'e searched a bit and had a look at the Tutorial 'Using Skew to make streetfighter floors By David', but cant find the answer.

    I want to achieve the following effect:

    <img src="" border="0" />

    Thanks in advance



    + System: Start of layout

    + System: For each Enemy

    -> Enemy: Load mesh from AppPath&"skew.mesh"

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  • Scew mesh? Is this mesh a photoshop mesh?

  • Scew mesh? Is this mesh a photoshop mesh?


    No....I couldn't wait for a reply to the question, so i had to use the Construct 'Mesh Editor' to make a 'Skewed mesh'.

    I saved the mesh, then imported into my game, and applied it to all the sprites.

    (Its a pity the Mesh editor is prone to crashing, because its a really good tool)

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