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  • I want to make a Game from the site but when I give the enemys a bullet movement there flying around.So I have to use a other movement?Or I have to make Waypoints?Need help

  • That's what the bullet movement is meant to do. Did you try changing the speed?

  • Yes,its all ok til when I walk then they fly through the walls and everywhere

  • So I'm guessing you're trying to do a side scrolling platformer. You can use the platform behavior for enemies too, just remember to set an event that starts ignoring user input on startup. Deadeye has made a pretty good example for enemies with simple AI in the THIS CURSED ROCK thread.

    If you simply require an enemy which is walking a certain path (from right to left and back again) just add ball behavior and some detectors where the enemy is supposed to turn. Very basic but works well.

  • The bad thing is that I cant get the This Cursed Rock.cap file

    Can you give me a quick .cap example?please

  • What exactly do you need? You want enemies just walking somewhere minding their own business or pretty much like in TCR following the player. Did you read the description Deadeye gave in the thread?

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  • The bad thing is that I cant get the This Cursed Rock.cap file

    Nope, I'm not releasing the source. It's all kinds of messy.

    Anyway, here's the description of the enemy movement I gave:

    It's for a platformer with jumping enemies though, I don't know if that's what you're looking for.

  • Ah Thank you this is a good help

    Im looking for running zombies

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