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  • hi all,

    im new to construct but very interested. i have a simple question. What is the maximum number of sprites in one layout?

    i want to create a isometric map with maybe 200x200 tiles. Eevery field is a single animated sprite. Each animation frame is one underground type. i get a script error, if my array from which i create my map, is bigger than 40x30.

    how can i select a specific sprite by its position or name to remove unneded sprites? i only found a solution to remove clicked sprites.

    i hope you understand my problems.



  • 200 x 200 tiles?

    That's like 40000 sprites, even if they were 1 pixel that would be way too much, especially since its animated.

    There is no set amount you can have since pc specs will vary for your players, but once you get into the thousands there will be some issues.

    Anyway I think the limits would be anywhere from 7000 to 20000 based on size.

    But you should really start think about much smaller maps. Maxing out your ram with a background wont help much with game play.

  • hi newt,

    thanks for your reply.

    the 40000 iles aren't always visible. they are only rendered if they would be visible. but i cant render enough tiles to fill a 1024x768 pixel screen with 64x32 pixel tiles.

    that should be 16x 48 isometric tiles to fill the screen. but if i resize the array to 16x48 and start the program i get the "an error occured" message.

    do you have a creative idea to create bigger maps?

    greetings theplayer

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  • [quote:2x5quxli]do you have a creative idea to create bigger maps?

    The usual method is to use the tiled background object with a repeating texture, and then place any animated sprites where they would be needed, but what your may be wanting to do may not work for that.

    As to the error...

    Might post a cap to see whats going on.

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