Simple pinball game and CS0.X crashes again

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  • Aaaah not again!!!.I tried to create a simple pinball game and CS when't crazy again.I used the physics behavior For the flipper(unmoveable) and the ball (Gravity).Whenever the ball hits the flipper i added a force of 800 towards a position.

    Ball collides with flipper

    Sub event : Left shift pressed/Add force towards position.

    Everything works fine until i introduce a second flipper which has the same events but with opposite directions.

    Construct freezes up and kicks me out to the desktop when i try to run the game.Looks like physics is a big no no for CS 0.X

    I then when't over to my other games creation app and it worked fantastically.Maybe it's because that particular app uses Opengl and not the dreaded Direct X.It's almost the same as CS but you still need to code in some areas.No it's not game maker nor is it mmf2.I'm not going to say which app it is as this particular app is an in house games creation app.

    It seems that Direct X has to many things going on under the hood,Thus causing erratic behaviors sometimes.The events i used were logical and not over the top.It just crashed when i tried to create that second flipper which was an entirely different object.

    Any suggestions on how i could possibly fix this error would be welcomed.I didn't even have a chance to save the cap it crashed out before i could save it.

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  • i managed to create a new cap file.This time i only made one flipper.Like i said before the moment i want to create a new flipper then Cs kicks me back to the desktop,That is when i try to run the game.Here is the cap file.Hopefully someone could figure out if there's something wrong with my event's or collisions.

    It's working!!. .It still needs some serious work on the collisions and angles but its working now.Here is the cap again,This time with two flippers and no hassles.

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