very simple flip walk question

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  • hello all :)

    i m new around construct and scripting and i can t seem t find the correct solution to my very simple problem.

    i have a basic sprite with one frame, and i want it to flip based on where the mouse is, basically when he s moving right or left (he can move up and down but i don t need to change the sprite at all)

    i know i can use "is mirrored" effect but i can t seem to find a condition for the mouse (it would be a lot easier by just using keyboard but i really want to use the mouse) to use it with. i really don t know anything about storing previous mouse position or even if i should use a variable.

    for the mouse movement, i m using the accelerate effect toward mouse.X or mouse.Y

    if anybody can help, i ll be really thankful, or direct me towards the right mouse tutorial...

    thankies !!!

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  • You can do it with two events using the compare x condition.

    Player X < Mouse.X

    ----- Player set mirrored

    Player X > Mouse.X

    ----- Player set not mirrored

  • perfect :)

    thank you SO much :)

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