Simple falling sand example and some questions

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  • Hello everyone! This is my first submission. I use the CC a little more than a week and I am delighted.

    Example is in fact the from Multimedia Fusion(a friend uses it - orginal exemple by Chris Branch). I translated it into the Construct with one correction. Namely, instead of the original option (from MMF)"create the backdrop" from sprite of the sand i am using the option "paste into canvas".

    I wonder if it can be improve, because I plan to use it for destructible terrain, not like the Worms, but only certain parts of the level that could be destroyed, rather, that could be separated from the original surface (with some simple "physic" movement), and fall down one by agreeing to other (the closest example of which I can remember it is in Earth Worm Jim 2, but it is to simple).

    Is the canvas only solution? If so then should I set the canvas over the whole map? Is that reasonable (question)? Can this be implemented more efficiently (faster)? Thank you in advance.


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  • Here's a post you might wanna check out along with a good example from Rojohound using imagemanipulator and an array.

    Sand topic

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