Simple Database Program possible?

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  • At Construct's current version, is it possible to create a simple DataBase Program? DB Program as in just storing/adding entries or values like err Employee names, numbers, age, etc, together with an image? I have not taken a look at any Construct Application wiki, I would like to read first hand what you guys think.

  • Short answer, yeah, you could.

    But really something like VB might be better suited for the task.

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  • Yeah, I know VB could do it just fine. But I wanna take advantage of the "graphical" thingies construct can do that VB can't. I'd like to make a simple Database System that looks more like those HI TECH systems we see on movies.

    Basically, it would look more like a game, not a program, but... it really is a program.

  • I'm interested to see if you succeeded in creating an application in Construct2. I had the same type of idea.

  • Does the database need to be secure, or can it be stored in plain text? If plain text is alright, then storing in an INI should be alright.

    As long as it's not networked (which *is* still possible), a simple data-storage program should work fine.

  • Yeah, well, this thread has been idle for like 2 years now. But anyway, I was able to make something like it, it wasn't a full application but I treated it like a test. Although I still have problems with the images :P.

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