A simple condition?

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  • How do I determine whether among all instances there exists an instance with key set to specific value? It has to be a condition. Like this:

    NEGATIVE (Exists? Hashtable("Key")="Test")[/code:2ckfbmej]
    I would like a clean and simple solution rather than having to devise a bulky workaround.
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  • for each "my object"

    +"my object" private variable "key" = "yes"

    do actions

  • That is what I was not looking for, I was hoping for a system expression or an evaluation that checks if ANY object instance has a certain key with exact value, but oh well, I'll have to go with a workaround, which requires a whole event and is rather unwieldy.

    Hmm, come to think of it, I'll need some sort of 'search' function after all... that searches all hashtables for an exact key and/or value. Might as well create a function especially for that.

    Thanks, though!

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