[Side Scroller] Help with Slopes

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  • Hello!

    I am trying to make my Player sprite always rotate to the same angle as the ground it is in contact with. Is there anyway I can do this??

    I have already made a slope, but the slope object is a separate object to my normal ground object.

    here is my .cap file: http://www.mediafire.com/?0pm804urt9jk2



  • If the correct one was BlueBeanAdventure, set angle to (Under BlueBean's Platform tab) angle of motion. You also do not need the Always condition. I must warn you that it's not perfect. You'll have to add an event or two to make him face the proper way when aren't on the slope.

    You'll see what I mean if you jump straight up or just barely slip off the edge and he'll still be turned. He also occasionally flips when he first lands on the slope.

    As a side note, the platform engine should handle animations. You don't need to event them yourself. For some reason, he respawns on his side for me and moving from his side makes him fall through the ground. I don't actually see a reason for it though.

  • Hey, I couldn't find anything to do with the Angle Of Motion, I looked on the Platform Behavior on the BlueBean Player but I couldn't find anything :-/

  • I am still having trouble with this if anyone else has a solution? :-/ I still cant find the 'Angle of Motion' option on Construct either

  • It's when you're eventing. Edit your 30 degree turn. When you're on the screen to input a number, double click BlueBean on the very bottom, then click the Platform tab and you should see it. If you're still having trouble, I'll add pictures next time to help you out.

  • Ah, Thanks! I'll try that right now =)

  • I think i've done what you said, but it doesn't exactly work d'you think you could upload some pictures? That would be great if you could

  • It doesn't work perfectly. Like I said you may need to add some events or something. The main problem is the mysterious landing on his side. Cause him to flip, literally.

    Anyway, here's the pic when editing the angle changing you already have: http://i79.photobucket.com/albums/j138/ ... titled.png

  • Ok I tried that but it still doesn't work :-/

    Have you tried it with the .cap I put in the link?

  • That's what I used in the picture. Have you deleted the animation events? You don't need those since the engine handles that for you. You may also need to delete the Always condition from the angle event.

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  • Ok well thank you for all the help, but I think I'll just stick with flat ground xD

    Its allot easier and I don't really need slopes

    Thanks for all the help!

  • If all else fails, you could try making animations for the different angles. I don't know if it will help, but it's worth a shot.

  • I think thats a little too much effort for me haha, I'm changing what the ground looks like anyway so it doesn't matter, thanks though

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