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  • hi peeps! still lurking the classic section

    so i have this sort of billboard that follows the player.

    i want to show different kind of graphics and visualization on this billboard object. i use particles and stuff on it, so my problem is:

    for example since the billboard is moving along with the player object, particles etc fly off the billboard, when i want everything to stay inside it. its supposed to just show visuals as if it was just a screen.

    i thought about making a layer with 0 scrolling and put all the possible visualization there and then just project that image into the billboard. question is, how exactly would this be possible? using canvas? ive tried but i really dont know how to achieve this. any kind of help and guidance would be greatly appreciated!

    EDIT: just wanted to make sure: animating the billboard is out of question because it would need an enormous amounts of animations for what i want to show in it. also i use this slowmo effect occasionally and i would have to have lots of animation frames to keep things looking smooth. im avoiding using animation frames as much as i can. to simplify, i just want to show a certain part of the layout as a continuous image on a sprite/object.

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