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  • Hi again me :(, i hope this is last problem.

    I have my game as on picture, the enemy rotate around planet and any time enemy shoots, but sometimethe shoot stops and do not moving. The shoots have rts behavior and they move to big planet position. Pls help me i do not know why.....

    Edit: This is only if i destroy enemy (from this enemy create shoot)

    <img src="" border="0" />

  • So, your last problem was solved? It would be nice to comment it in that case (in the thread where you asked for help), so that others who will be reading those threads can see, if the proposed solution was helpful or not.

    This new issue is too specific to help without an example cap.

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  • I made it with custom movement, it does not so bad but little problem too, shoots as in picture go behind planet (10px) and then go by planet..... i will post cap

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