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  • I am trying to accomplish following sequence:

    a) By clicking on left mouse button - the hand of character moving towards pocket (animation)

    b) When hand reach out to pocket - visible gun appears in his hand

    c) Then two hands holding a gun together in shooting position where both of hands and gun follow the mouse

    d) Then if in 3 sec character will not shoot, or any other animation want to take place (jumping, climbing etc) - the sequence will play backwards (hand with a gun reaching out to pocket and gun disappear)

    I will really appreciate any help, because I am stuck with it almost for a month and I really want to move forward


    P.S. Every animation, is bone animation

  • Can you post the cap file of what you've got so far? Even the pre-made animations of pulling out a gun and putting it back would be a good start.

  • here, [] but if the game does not start Click on the body of the character and delete the first bone animation. On the 5 frame of animation "Gun shoot", a gun must be visible in characters hand.


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  • thanks for the help,with that rate I'm will still stuck with this question mounts on 2 <img src="smileys/smiley19.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

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