several bugs and stuffs with physics and a crash

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  • ok, here's a cap file:

    ok, basically, it's a simple ragdoll test

    you can move around the arms and torso with the blue control squares

    you click ok

    and it spawns physics objects over each limbs and lets them fall

    I was going to add hinges later, but this glitchy thing happened

    this is actually the second time, because I remade it just to get rid of bugs I thought might be random

    I didn't expect to be able to recreate the exact bugs so thoroughly, this is exactly what happened last time

    first, you'll notice that when the pieces fall they don't intersect with the ground correctly

    last time I added custom collision masks and it didn't make a difference.

    next you'll notice in the cap file there is a disabled Blue:Destroy meant to destroy all the original non physics sprites once the new ones appears, on mine it crashes when i press ok if I toggle it back on

    that's the main issue, but as an added bonus, this glitch I am not able to recreate, and may not even happen when you open the cap, but it happens fairly often to me, when using my own family types click on torsoB to open the property sheet, and there may be ASide family entries, like over 10. sometimes when I add a family to several objects it adds that many family entries to each object in that family, so if there are 10 sprites in the Glitch family, than each sprite property page will have glitch family listed 10 times. also, you'll notice that this family doesn't appear in the family manager ( doesn't in mine). I thought this might just be a custom family thing, but I tried creating a new custom family in another cap and neither glitch happened.

  • this worked with that other thread so, let's give it ago...., I'm having this problem with this physics thing I was trying....

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  • The hotspots on the physics objects need to be in the middle for the collisions to work correctly. Essentially, the physics collision mask is at an offset from the actual sprites. I know Ashley mentioned that this was changed to where hotspot position didn't matter, but it seems it's not working anymore. You should submit a bug report.

  • Posts like this won't help get bugs fixed . Submit it to the tracker and it'll be gotten around to.

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