Setting initial direction for object

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  • A seemingly simple thing I was wondering about... Seeing as I switched over to Construct from Multimedia Fusion, I was kinda used to the fact that you can set an object's initial direction as an attribute of the object itself, and if you selected more than one then the object would randomly select a direction. Of course, MMF1.5 only had 32 directions per object (by default) so it wasn't a particularly complicated system.

    I imagine I can code this in Construct easily enough (haven't got to that part yet), but is there some way to actually set initial direction(s) in the object's properties?

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  • For most behaviors, the object's direction is it's angle property, which defaults to zero (which is right.)

    Beyond that, you can make objects move in move in other ways, too, in which case you may want to store the direction in a private variable for the object. Picking a random direction can be set up with simple events, using the system random() expression.

  • Yeah, I basically ended up using the random function. It's probably better this way anyway, so cheers for the advice

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