'Set animation' and 'set animation frame' changed?

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  • (This concerns Construct 0.99.42.)

    I have this character with platform movement. I am using events to change his animations.

    His jumping animation is 4 frames long, and I make it loop to frame 4. I noticed that if I jump and trigger his attack animation (which is 6 frames long), the attack animation starts from whichever frame the jumping animation was at.

    If jumping was at frame 4, the attack starts at frame 4.

    I must 'Set animation frame to 1' then 'Set animation to "Attack"'.

    I have a cap I can demonstrate this with.

    I am thinking that acted differently in the last stable Construct, but suddenly I can't remember.. Er, oh well, it is still something I am curious about. I am thinking in the last stable version, "Set animation to" would always start an animation from frame 1?

    Unrelated to that, I also noticed if I do this:

    -Character: Set animation to "Some existing animation"

    -Character: Set animation frame to 1

    then it will not actually animate unless I also add

    • Character: Resume animation

    That is, I am finding "set animation frame" is pausing animations. (Though "Set animation to" does make an animation play if I put it after "Set animation frame to".)

    Anyway, I can see some usefulness in the animation actions working this way. Maybe making multiple similar animations, with and without holding items while running and switching between them in the same frame, that sort of thing.

    I just don't think I saw anything about these changes in the changelog.

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