Serious Tiled Background Bug

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  • I'm presently making a platform game, one which has a lot of tiled background objects.

    I seem to have reached a limit in the number used. If I try to run the game as it stands, it works fine, but if I add just one more object, the directx application doesn't run, saying "An unexpected error occurred"

    The IDE itself doesn't crash, but the game doesn't run.

    I will post this bug to bugtracker, but has anyone else experienced this? Am I overlooking something?

    The file can be found here.

    NOTE: the version here has one too many background objects. Remove one, and everything will work fine.

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  • I unchecked enable scripting and it worked.

  • Wow they need to change that to enable python scripting.

    Also, NthSimulacrum

    The main use of the tiled background object is to make that object scalable, but in order to get the benefits that save on memory, the texture needs to be in power of two.

    Your Tiledbackground3 object could be a 2x 2 image.

    ... just thought I'd point that out.

  • Thanks R0J0hound , that solved everything

    Newt, I tried that originally, but ironically the layout editor slowed down immensely

    EDIT: Just tried it with a 32 x 32 and the IDE has stopped lagging.

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